Comprehensive Program

Optimize Strength, Agility and Endurance


  • One hour Initial assessment
  • 40 minute weekly follow-ups
  • Assessment of calorie and nutrient needs
  • Daily e-mail support
  • Review of your current nutrition program
  • Assessment of nutrition strategies for maximizing performance
  • Complete dietary analysis
  • Individual meal plan
  • Ongoing assessment and support
  • Review of vitamins and supplements
  • Guide for restaurants and travel

You will receive a detailed analysis of your current nutrition intake along with recommendations for improvement and a personalized, detailed action plan. This will include the different types of foods/fluids that will improve your performance.

Barbara will take you step-by-step. If something doesn't feel right or isn't comfortable it can be changed.

This is your own unique program!

My packages have been carefully cultivated to help athletes improve their performance by addressing the critical factors that often hold them back. By filling out the secure form below, you will be able to get started with Barbara.

Cost :

6-Week Program


8-Week Program


12-Week Program


16-Week Program


20-Week Program


*For pro athlete and concierge programs - contact Barbara directly. (239)-300-0072