What People Say
Duane Hutchison 1 min
I have been working with Barbara for a few months and I’m so happy with the communication and the results. She has me on a program that has put me in the best shape I have ever been, I turn 60 this week and feel like I am 30. If you’re looking for someone to help elevate your overall physical being give Barbara a call you will not be disappointed.
Duane Hutchison
michele lopez
I’m so excited to tell you that I nailed this Olympic race today. Finishing on the top 9th female overall on this hot and competitive field. From 83rd place last year, I have climbed all the way to the top. I PRed by 36 mins!!! I felt absolutely amazing!! Didn’t have any problems…the race went just as I imagined. Thank you so much again for everything. I couldn’t have done without you. 😉
Michele Lopez
Jeremy testimonial pix 1
I have worked with Barbara for months and learned a ton. I feel great, and we worked to get me off some supplements I don’t need (I am now even off my cholesterol meds) based on my blood work. This is all in addition to performing great on the bike. You have to have an open mind, as she will challenge some of your beliefs regarding what to eat and drink and how it relates to performance. Give it a try! Jeremy, Boca Raton, FL
tim 1 min
You’re so awesome!! Thanks for everything!! I know I’m just another client but you’ve opened my eyes to stuff that has been in front of me all along. I don’t ride for the fitness I ride cause its my passion and your help has aided that huge. I was able to top some of my best times including 4 personal bests and some second best times. Thanks again…
Tim Johnson
image 1 min
It’s been over 3 years now that I have had the luxury of working with Barbara Lewin. Not only has she been instrumental in revising my fueling protocols, accurately assessing sweat rates and honing meal planning, but she has helped me reform my body composition. The changes she has helped me make have transformed how I train and ultimately the results I have received. Beyond that she has educated me through this…
Patrick Sansbury
runner49 1

I have been working with Barbara for the past two months and I have been completely impressed with her level of knowledge and expertise, attention to detail, responsiveness, and willingness to go the extra mile for me. It was evident from our first meeting that Barbara truly cares about her clients and is genuinely passionate about what she does. If you are looking to take your performance nutrition to the next level, Barbara is the one to get you there.

In these past two months until now, I am down to 19.4% body fat (down 2.5%), gained 5 lbs. of muscle, and have lost 5 lbs. of fat. Also, my AST/ALT liver test levels are down dramatically. My workouts are more intense, I am recovering quicker and more fully, and I am a more healthy individual. This is all thanks to Barbara sitting down with me and working with me to come up with a holistic nutrition plan of action.

I am a more complete athlete now that I am fueled properly and I only wish that I had made the call to Barbara sooner. Enthusiastically recommended!

David W.
Hi, Barb!  Just checking in to let you know my marathon went perfectly!  I had zero stomach issues and ran a PR of 3:24 and some change!  It was a magical experience.  Just thought I’d let you know–I really appreciated your help!  Thanks again!
Katie Matzke
scott min

Scott started working with Barbara to finally add the missing piece to his performances…a dialed in nutrition plan. “No athlete is the same, and Barbara understands that, she has taken what works best for me and perfected it to make it as effective as possible” I worked with Barbara towards my “A” race which was the Beach to Battleship Ironman in Wilmington, North Carolina. “We nailed my nutrition plan leading up to the race as well as my race day nutrition” which lead to a smashing of my previous PR by 40 minutes and awarding me 5th overall and 1st Amateur. After a trip to the Ironman World Championships, Scott is working with Barbara to reclaim his spot on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Scott Padgett Triathlete
damon shields min

I watched my daughter finish Ironman Louisville. It was one of those moments you never forget as a parent. Inspired by my little girl I entered the crazy world of age group triathlon competition at age 69. Initially I thought all I needed was good equipment, a good tri coach, and hard work. I was wrong. I learned very quickly that key to success in any athletic endeavor is fueling the engine, meaning diet and nutrition. If you have ever bonked or cramped you know what I’m talking about.

Fortunately I found Barbara Lewin who is well known for her contributions to Olympic and world class athletes. Barbara’s approach is specific to each individual and fine-tuned to ensure that you have the energy and longevity to succeed as a competitor and the knowledge to establish a healthy diet, not just for sports, but for a long and happy life.

In July, I finished my first half Ironman event and I can say unequivocally that I would not have done it without Barbara’s help.

Damon Shields
terry min
World-class professional triathlete for 10 years and elite international adventure racer since 1995. Terri is one of the most experienced ultra-endurance athletes in the country. She resides in Santa Cruz, California.


  • 22 Ironman Triathlons
  • Mild Seven Outdoor Quest in China
  • ESPN X-Games Adventure Race
  • Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championships 3 top five finishes
  • Raid Gauloises in Tibet and Nepal

Terri Schneider Adventure racer, triathlete, and ultra-runner
dan daley min
“I won the race! I made the 300 in 21 hrs 46 min. The climb to 10,000 ft was pretty steep and long. It was hot and many racers dropped out due to the heat. I never felt better!

I completed the Ring of Fire 12 hr TT in Maupin, Or this weekend. I finished second overall, and 1st in my age group with 163 miles. I finished in fine shape and could have gone further if needed.

Thank you Barbara!”

Dan Daley
jim min
“I’ve cycled from the Arctic Ocean to Key West. Whatever corner of the continent I’m riding, Barbara is only a phone call away for answers to my nutritional needs! Last ride: Seattle to Key West Florida 4235 miles.”
Jim Whelan
paola 2
“For the very first time in 10 years I felt simply great! I started my journey with Barbara 10 days before the Chicago Marathon. On race day I was feeling full of energy, like never before. My stomach was perfect and during the race everything was great. I honestly realized how much nutrition can make a difference. It’s like training; having a clear plan and even more, having Barbara supporting me, gave me strength, confidence and speed!!”
Paola Peretti
tim min
“You’re so awesome!! Thanks for everything!! I know I’m just another client but you’ve opened my eyes to stuff that has been in front of me all along. I don’t ride for the fitness I ride cause its my passion and your help has aided that huge. I was able to top some of my best times including 4 personal bests and some second best times.

Thanks again..”

Tim Johnson
Leeza min
“When I first reached out to Barbara, I had recently decided to become a vegan but I was feeling very weak and I knew I was deficient in a few areas of my nutrition. I was excited about taking my health to new levels, but my major concern was doing it properly and in the healthiest way possible. I am also a fitness competitor so getting proper levels of all macro and micronutrients is very important, especially to keep my energy levels optimal for the intense training sessions during competition prep. Barbara was able to refine my current diet and provide new ideas of incorporating foods that I actually like. After the first few days of working with Barbara, I had tons of energy throughout the day which resulted in increased performance in the gym. I highly recommend Barbara to anyone who is an athlete and has concerns about the current state of his/her nutrition. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is effective at developing a nutrition plan specific to your needs to help improve your performance and/or physique.”
Kim Rosenberry on left
Barbara is amazing and has helped me truly change my life and habits to create a healthier me! She is really easy to talk to and puts the required changes in steps that are so easy to implement. Her plan is gradual so it is not a fade diet but truly a life change! Thank you Barbara!
Kim Rosenberry
Jessica Legendre testimonial 1
Barbara, Just wanted to fill you in on the news. Jessica just got offered a scholarship to the Rick Macci Tennis Academy in Boca Raton. Rick Macci is the coach who coached Venus and Serena. She starts Jan 7th. I’m moving with her to Boca the academy runs from Jan to May then summer break then Sep to Dec. It wasn’t full but he gave her 80% off after watching match video of her. This is just unreal, This would not have been possible with out your help. Jessica is still maintaining the diet and has a lot of energy. I know we still had 2 sessions left on the package but if I could just hold them until we get settled in Boca then do some food records in our new environment. Thank You so much for getting her here! Hope all is well.
aaron pix min

The best marathon I’ve ever run!

Hot and super hard course but I was consistent and in control the entire race! I started working with Barbara in October of 2022 in an effort to build my endurance in the marathon distance. After a thorough review of my diet and fueling strategy, she quickly put together an updated game plan incorporating a new diet, hydration and fueling protocol. After a few weeks of implementing these changes into my various workouts, she then dialed in a complete pre-race and race day strategy. Her strategies helped me run even splits with no “wall.” Having never before had a strong second half, by following her plan, I finished strong on a difficult course under far less than ideal conditions. Barbara is an absolute wealth of knowledge, and I credit her with my success. She will be instrumental in continuing to mentor me in my nutrition and fitness goals.