Make Nutrition Your Winning Super Power!

I absolutely love working with young athletes!  Once they see that the program works, they’re excited and motivated to stick with it.  This sets them up for a lifetime of good health.

Working with the young athlete is more complex as you’re not only looking at supporting an increased energy expenditure for their sport, but it’s also essential to support growth and health. Providing the right nutrition and hydration plan is essential for optimal health, energy and performance.

It’s important to be able to communicate effectively with kids and young athletes as it’s completely different from working with an adult.  Knowing how to motivate and educate them is key to having them be successful.

I look at food preferences and their lifestyle and come up with an individualized program with practical and sustainable guidelines.  It’s also important that it fits in with what the rest of the family is eating as I don’t want the family to have the strain of making separate meals.

I develop Individualized Nutrition Plans looking at:

  • Calorie needs
  • Assessed requirements for protein, carbs and fat
  • Specific needs for vitamins and minerals, preferably from food
  • Specialized areas to include vegetarian, vegan and gluten free nutrition plans.
  • Fluid and electrolytes
  • Nutrition for muscle recovery
  • Nutrition for Energy
  • Nutrition for Injury Prevention
  • Preworkout Meals
  • Recovery Nutrition

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Athletes under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  This is for both virtual and in person sessions.

Some of the youth sports I work with include:

  • Youth ice hockey
  • Soccer
  • Field hockey
  • Tennis nutrition for the tennis student-athlete
  • Swimming
  • Ice dancing and ballet
  • Triathlon

To ensure that the athlete is getting adequate calories and nutrients, we need to look at:

  • the sport involved and the intensity of the training
  • How often is the training and what are the conditions?
  • Caloric expenditure
  • Food purchase and preparation
  • Need for reduction of bodyfat or increase in lean body mass

It‘s important to provide adequate energy and nutrients that emphasize carbohydrates and that meet the youth athletes need for protein and healthy fats.  Variety, balance and moderation must be taken into account. Programs are individualized based on each youth athlete’s unique requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions
There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan when it comes to nutrition. Individual nutrient needs vary by sport, the intensity of the activity, age, body size, goals and training volume.
I’ve worked with many young athletes who are picky eaters. I can work with almost any type of food preferences. Teaching young people how to eat well sets them up for a lifetime of success and I find this very rewarding.
I frequently have young athletes that must avoid certain foods due to allergies or intolerances.  I teach them how to do this along with getting all the nutrients they need for their best health and performance.
What People Say
Jessica Legendre testimonial 1
Barbara, Just wanted to fill you in on the news. Jessica just got offered a scholarship to the Rick Macci Tennis Academy in Boca Raton. Rick Macci is the coach who coached Venus and Serena. She starts Jan 7th. I’m moving with her to Boca the academy runs from Jan to May then summer break then Sep to Dec. It wasn’t full but he gave her 80% off after watching match video of her. This is just unreal, This would not have been possible with out your help. Jessica is still maintaining the diet and has a lot of energy. I know we still had 2 sessions left on the package but if I could just hold them until we get settled in Boca then do some food records in our new environment. Thank You so much for getting her here! Hope all is well.