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Nail your training day nutrition!

My athletes love a challenge! Whether it’s a new PR or winning a competition, it’s what drives them to continue to excel. However, training hard can only get you so far. The right fueling plan will take you the rest of the way! I will develop your own personalized nutrition program!

Optimal fueling and recovery nutrition using the latest research in sports science with an evidence-based approach. As an endurance athlete you’re probably approached pretty frequently about the newest and best product or supplement. There are many problems with this approach.

For starters, anytime someone is selling you something, you can never be sure if their motives are purely for profit. There are also risks involved with many of the supplements that are out there and supplements are not well regulated.

I have an advanced background in working with endurance and ultraendurance athletes. I take the time to get to know you and your specific needs and will help you to make the gains you’re looking for.

My services are based on your individual requirements, your physiology, training and unique requirements.

Things we will work on:

  • Match your energy intake to your energy expenditure as tolerated.
  • Maintain lean body mass during training
  • Know your body’s ability to acclimate to the heat or to different conditions. Learn how to use nutrition to improve on these areas.

We will focus on your weaknesses, while maximizing your strengths, and not allow nutrition to be what’s holding you back.

We will look at:

  • Including food and fluids that are easy to chew and digest and allow for rapid gastric emptying.
  • Drinking and eating in a way that maintains proper blood glucose levels and avoids stomach upset.
  • How soon to start limiting fiber before a race-this can vary among athletes.
  • How to determine your specific needs for electrolytes, fluid and carbs.
  • Optimal recovery techniques using real food.
  • Training/racing in different environments

My food plans are built around the athlete’s food preferences and unique needs and include a variety of foods to provide optimal nutrition.


During training and races, energy expenditure is high and it’s critical to take in the right fuel.


  1. Sufficient intake of macronutrients, especially carbohydrates, before and after racing
  2. Sufficient intake of carbohydrate, fluids and electrolytes during the race

Some tips to keep in mind:

Stay Hydrated-Our body is 55-65% water. It’s important to stay well hydrated to avoid heat illness and cramping. Make sure you drink enough during the day-dehydration can affect both your performance and your energy levels. When the temperature is cooler it’s just as easy to get dehydrated. The air is dryer and sweat evaporates quickly -as a result most athletes don’t drink enough. Thirst is not a good indication of dehydration!

Regular meals and snacks-Eating regularly (every 2-4 hours) helps to maintain blood glucose and energy throughout the day and through practice. This is even true if you’re trying to lose weight. The key is to have the right balance of calories and nutrients to maintain high energy while burning fat and gradually losing weight.

Think of food as fuel and carbs as your best source of fuel. It sounds simple but as you know there’s a lot to take into account in order to keep your body working at its best and to get you to your best performance!

Make This Your Best Season Yet!